For such a time as this.

I’m all for letter art. My word of the year is “letter” after all. As one of my sister-in-laws and I recently discussed, word art pieces are a really helpful shortcut for those of us who are insecure in our ability to select art for home decorating. There are several fun pieces around our house.… Continue reading For such a time as this.


You guys. I really need to get back into practicing my instruments. I’m hoping to sit for the Music Therapy Board Certification exam within a month or so. Which means I’m thinking of working. As a music therapist. Which means music. Music-making. As in music-playing. With my history of tendonitis, I have NO interest in… Continue reading Ukulele.


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Post No. 10 of 10 almost daily posts in the “July ’21” series. Cycle day 6. Transitioning from Menstrual phase (ideal activities: rest, evaluation, and research) to Follicular phase (ideal activities: starting things, brainstorming, planning). This is kind of a wild week. “Kind of” as in – Valley Fair tomorrow, all day family memorial day… Continue reading Survival.