A Year of New

Officially starting this new blog now.

The sky in Nebraska, on our way home from Colorado

Nathan’s site is going to be more focused on his professional activities, and this site will have a little different flavor.

As this new year is beginning, we have many aspirations and many feelings of “newness.”

  • A new career.  No, I haven’t returned to my childhood dream of being a cake decorator, and Nathan is still quite sure that he will never ever apply for a job with the USPS (papers, alone, repetitive = death!).  We are both still in the music world, but the newness is in how we are approaching it.  More on that as we go along.

  • A new home.  We have actually been in our Northeast Minneapolis home for over five months now, but we have a renewed drive to make it as cozy as possible within our means. Considering the fact that I have completely reorganized the living room twice since getting back in town five days ago, it’s pretty much a new home.
  • A new desk.  It may not seem like a big deal to you, but my new roll-top desk is splendid!  New to me, of course, thanks to an excellent new thrift shop I just visited yesterday for the first time. We shall see this week how the newly organized office system works, but I’m psyched about it.  As soon as we add “lightbulb” to our list of newly acquired items I can also utilize the new vintage green desk lamp, dangly chain and all.
  • A new crawlerOur 10-month old baby girl learned how to crawl while we were away at my sister’s over the holidays, so now that we are back home there is a different feel in the house.  I love it.  I never know quite when a little giggler is going to peek around a corner.
  • A new me.  Last year was a very hard year emotionally for me, influenced by a variety of factors.  Battling depression is a challenge I never thought would be part of my life; I studied those people in psych classes.  Here’s hoping that the changes we have been pursuing – changes of habits, health, and heart – continue to bring our family healing and an ever stronger sense of wholeness and peace.

This week we are excited to host the first Arts at the Aviary meeting of the year (and New Year party – let me know if you want to join us Sunday evening!).  A different combination of people joined us each time last year and proved to be a mutually beneficial, creatively stimulating endeavor.

We invite you to come along for a journey of artistic exploration
as we learn about our identity as the creatively expressive beings we are.

By Naomi Bird

Wife of tenor Nathan Bird, pianist, organist, former music therapist, writer, tea-drinker, mom of two mini-sopranos and two mini-tenors, and learner of loving the arts.

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