Saturday Satire

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In the name of celebrating alliteration and having some structure, this morning I thought, how about a weekly theme – Saturday Satire, (or Satire Saturday, I’m still undecided)?  Each week I shall write in a satirical manner about a subject of my choice. It will be good for me to have motivation to do some creative writing.


With the idea so fresh in my mind I didn’t have a particular subject matter selected yet, so I have needed to do some brainstorming.


Perhaps it would be good to write free-form, stream of consciousness, revealing all my thoughts along the way.  Of course I should definitely include some serious ponder-provoking statements.  Don’t you think?  I mean, really, when you think about it, doesn’t that seam like a really great idea?

There is also no way to sufficiently convey most of our thoughts these days without hyphen-pairing many of our words/phrases.  It seems like vocabulary has shrunk or something.  All of this new technology definitely calls for its own set of words.  I can only begin to explain the function of a hashtag or a linkback, but what I do know is that people sure seem smart these days.  We have SO much to say.  So much, in fact, that words really do tend to fail us.  Don’t they, fellow bloggers?   It’s all subjective.  Make up your own.  People will figure it out.  And spelling – catch on people, texting has revolutionized the way we write out words.


House of Humour and Satire

Apparently this is called the House of Humor and Satire. I agree. Image via Wikipedia


Oh, I know!  I’ll write about blogging – about the process of writing this blog.  I know that you really want to know how I choose to write what I write, why I choose to write what I write, and why I don’t write about the things I don’t write about.  I could list all of the things that you won’t find on my blog.  I’ll give you the chronology about how I got into blogging.  Basically, it’ll be like a memoir.  I’m almost 28, so I can write a memoir, right?


Once you have a clear understanding about the blogoriffic purpose of my blog, I’ll tell you a little bit about what I plan to do the rest of the day.  It would be great for me to tell you about the meal that we had last night, which will be turned into a different meal tonight…but what I really want to dwell on more thoughtfullly is how it is that I finally got around to making that food.  What exactly I was doing to waste time.  How badly I long to get more work done.  I know you have finished your own list and are just sitting there waiting to read mine, so I’ll send it your way.


But that reminds me of even a better idea. Time!  I will uplift you all with an energizing rant about how there is so very much I should do, but never have enough time to get it done.  I will apologize profusely for taking so long to get back to you, because, clearly, it goes without saying, I have been just wasting my time since the last time I talked to you.  I certainly haven’t been cleaning anyway, because there is at least an inch of dust and grime on every surface in my house.  Don’t even say the word ‘laundry!’


My goodness, how will I decide what to write about?  So many options, and the day is passing.

Alas, I think I should wait until next week to begin my satirical scheme.





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