My Sister’s Art on Etsy

Here is a shameless plug for some beautiful work by my sister at

Becky is a stampaholic.  You know, homemade cards made with rubber stamps, paper, ribbon, glue, brads…I don’t even know the half of the terms for all the cool gadgets and gizmos a plenty that she uses!

Her style is a blend of things that I don’t know quite the right words for – yet.  Country, retro, chic, earthy, textured, unique, intriguing, contempo.  They keenly reflect the fun  and fashionable quirky gal who creates them.

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day (right around the corner!) or birthdays, or just a special gift for a friend, Becky’s handcrafted cards offer a quality bit of cheer.  I’ve been in her craft room.  I’ve seen her work her magic.  She really loves what she does and loves to share it with others.

Because she and her husband recognize the value of having a hobby and of being creative, she has invested so much into doing this craft.  I love that.  She didn’t just leave it on her “some day” list. Because of that, you get to see these beautiful items.

Believe it or not, I actually am not getting a cut of her profits.  In fact, she doesn’t even know that I’m doing this…yet….(“Hi Becky!”)

When you have a moment, please check out her shop on etsy.  There are way more great pictures of her items there, and it’s also where you can purchase the one you want.

Share it on Facebook.  Tell others.   Her work is thoughtful and it’s beautiful.  Beautiful art from a beautiful lady.

Becky, with one of my beautiful gals

5 thoughts on “My Sister’s Art on Etsy

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