My Husband’s Not on Etsy. Yet.

While I’m on a role with plugging family art products and giving you gift ideas for the fast-approaching Valentine’s Day, here is a suggestion.

This CD was recorded by a guy I know, and it is really beautiful music.

Massif Trio Plays Shumann, Schubert, and Strauss.

German art songs that were originaly written for voice and piano have been transcribed by Jonathan Barlow for tenor and two guitars.  It’s a really beautiful change.  Even as a pianist who loves the original compositions – in fact, Nathan and I played through them yesterday and plan to include them on our spring concerts – I love the flavor that the guitars bring.

Also, I find it very satisfying that it takes two guitarists to reproduce what I, alone, can do at the piano. Just sayin’.

You may not think that this kind of music is ‘your thing.’ Perhaps you listen with raised eyebrow or scrunched up nose. It is, afterall, German. Give it a chance.  Read the text translations. Think of the stories.  They are intensely emotional, romantic, heart-breaking, and at times hilarious.

To see a little inside the workings of the trio during there 2010 trip to Ohio to make the recording, check this out.

Making of Massif CD

For some of you out there, this might be a really special Valentine’s Day gift.  It is available from retailers such as Barnes and Noble and people such as us.

If the music itself is not ideal for your gift list, let this inspire you:

If you purchase one of these CDs directly from us between now and FEBRUARY 3rd,
you will be entered into a drawing to receive a gift certificate redeemable for
two free voice lessons with Nathan.

Take them yourself.  Give them to a friend.  Take them jointly with your special someone.  You choose.

CDs are $18 each, shipping included.  The gift certificate is worth $100. The autograph Nathan will put on it before sending to you: priceless.

One of these days we’ll figure out the whole shopping cart thing so you can purchase your goodies all with one swell foop, but for now: To purchase a CD, email me or leave a comment and I will work out the details with you. (We can take credit cards through PayPal.)

Oh, and be sure to stay tuned for updates about Nathan selling stuff on Etsy.  He’s been doing some killer watercolor paintings with our 3 year old.


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