Brahms Hoedownian Dance No.5

Having been sick as a dog this week, we had to cancel our regularly scheduled Arts@theAviary program, but fortunately the last meeting we had, on January 29, gave me much to discuss.

In addition to the poems I’ve already shared, we had a special musical trio delight us with a unique arrangement of a popular classical work.

Music scholar that I am, I wandered to my shelf of music history books and retrieved “Grout and Wikipedia” for a little research.

(Gi’me a break. The book is like 15 steps away, and I’m still sick, remember.)

Johannes Brahms

English: Johannes Brahms (1833–1897), German c...

German composer and pianist, lived from 1833-1897.  Wrote a ton of really awesome music of the Romantic period of the broadly understood “Classical” scope of music.