The Turning of Art

Considering that a primary purpose of this blog is to inspire people (including the person who checks your email every day) to actively pursue creating art, I have been mulling over the topic of “what is art?” I recall the question of “what is music?” being a rather muddy – and at times heated – one in my college music history courses, so I’m sure the ‘art’ question is even more complex.

But still, I want to give it thought, for the purpose of helping it seem less scary for those who are inclined to think that arting is something that only ‘real’ artists do.

The attached post by Sandrine Pelissier, a painter of beautiful watercolors, reminded me of one of the facets of art that I love.

Art is a process.

It is hard to stare at a blank piece of paper and try to create something profound. Masterpieces start with a single line, a single note, or a single lump of clay.

Making a masterpiece shouldn’t be the goal anyway. It’s about turning something into something else.

Turning a white paper into a wharf scene.
Turning a post-it note into medley of shadow boxes.
Turning an unmoved heart into a throbbing, swelling woosh.
Turning apathy into awe.
Turning fear into courage.
Turning emotions ’round and ’round and ’round and back. Because they matter.

Happy Arting,


3 thoughts on “The Turning of Art

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