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MacPhail Center for Music, Minneapolis, Minnesota

MacPhail. Image via Wikipedia

This piece is written to be the intro for the Classical Music page for the Minneapolis/St. Paul region at Arts America.

For anyone seeking high quality classical music experiences, the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are sure to satisfy.

Driven by long tradition, strong academia, and even state legislation, the people of Minnesota come together to create a cornucopia of classical music.  Stemming from the rich musical heritage of the Norwegian Lutheran church choirs and the music of St. Olaf College in southern Minnesota, the Twin Cities have become a sort of choral mecca comprised of devoted church choirs, competitive secondary school choirs, dedicated college ensembles, and numerous uniquely moving community and professional vocal ensembles. Well established music schools and Universities such as MacPhail Center for Music and the University of Minnesota cultivate music education and performance experience for this and the next generation.  Being a major hub for national and international commerce and travel, the Twin Cities are a natural stage for world-renowned musicians to perform as guests and even put down roots.  Either one of the two large cities provides multiple symphony orchestras to seek out, most notably the Minnesota Orchestra and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra.

Perhaps the rich music scene of the Twin Cities is partly due to the specific geographic location. Beautiful parks, lakes, and woodlands – even within the cities – inspire creativity while the long cold winters require that its inhabitants find ways to warm their bodies and nurture their souls.  Let yourself be enveloped by the stimulating strains of classical music in Minneapolis and St. Paul, all year round.



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