Knock knock. Who’s there? Schedule EIC, Line 6.

Our project for this week was getting our taxes stuff all straightened out and sent to our accountant.

Last Friday, as we were driving to our friends’ for dinner, we discussed ideas for making the whole process be a creative endeavour rather than just a mundane tedious task.

It was a short discussion.

Honestly, neither of us could think of any way to get around the fact that we would simply have to keep plugging away at it.

I think that a significant step in the path toward creativity is to be able to see humor in the not-so-typically-humorous experiences.  Little did I realize that I need not look very far to find something inspirational. For example…taxes.

And I quote…

SCHEDULE EIC (Form 1040) Qualifying Child Information

#6 – Number of months child lived with you in the United States during 2010:  ___ months
(Do not enter more than 12 months.)

One of our qualifying children is clearly baffled by the text.

Seriously?  Why is that, now?  I am trying to think of a good reason why they need to put that in there.  Perhaps….maybe, hm….because….. Nope, nothing yet.  Any suggestions?  Am I missing something?  or is this just plain funny.

Hope you can find a little funny somehow as you finish up your taxes.





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