The Abandoned Pigeon

Do you ever get that craving to do art? That longing to have a completed piece – a painting or drawing or something – that is yours?

For me, this feeling is often inspired by seeing other people’s art, especially the whole process, as I’ve written about before.

In the various places that we have lived over the past few years we have had in mind the idea of setting up a special art room for me to get back into doing the watercolor work that I started to explore in high school.  (Thanks, Mom, for forcing me to take that classs.) Two years ago we set up a makeshift painting studio in the basement of the home we were housesitting, but since then I haven’t gotten out my brushes except when my 3 year old is begging to paint.

Our current home has a three-season porch that has been – since the day we moved in – designated as the “Mommy special room.” Storage, yes, but it is also a special get-away area for me to read, write, or paint.

One corner of my “Mommy Special Room”

Now that we are full swing into summer here in Minnesota (what’s up with this weather???) it is warm enough to make frequent escapes to my room.

On Saturday afternoon I guess I just couldn’t ignore that ‘itch’ any longer.  Mission: paint! Something. Anything.  Start-to-finish.

I rummaged through a box of yet un-scrapbook-ized photos from a 1999 trip to Massachusetts with my mom and sister. Boston. Cape Cod.  Great memories. I love New England.   I wanted to paint a simple picture of either flowers – roses and rhodedenrons were blooming everywhere during our June visit – or some other sort of wildlife or scenery.

Here’s what I decided on.

I believe this was taken in Rockport, home of amazing broccoli quiche.  At least that’s what I remember.

I’m sure there are many bird jokes running through your head right now.  Please do share. 🙂

There are some awesome blogs out there that show the process of painting projects, and I thought of taking pictures along the way, but it’s just really unnatural for me to stop and shoot photos like that.  In real life also, I have a hard time photo-documenting events because I want to just be in the moment and experience it. So, this time anyway, I’ll just share the “finished”* product. (*On Friday I heard someone say, regarding artistic projects, that they are never finished, just abandoned.)

The Abandoned Pigeon

It feels so good to play around with the paints again.

More and more with each passing day I develop a stronger resolve to inspire people to  explore art. Not for perfection.  Not for fame.  Not for credit.  Just for the beauty of creating.  I’m still learning what it all means. My tendency is to be attracted to activities and items that are practical and multipurpose, neither of which is the first word that comes to mind for taking an hour on a Saturday afternoon to paint for fun.

But that’s the thing about art/beauty/creativity.  It appeals to something far beyond the utilitarian desire for practicality. It’s an echo of something outside of the ebb and flow of daily life.  And it is something in which anyone can participate.

May you experience some of your own creative art this week – from start to abandonment.



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