I {‘Art} Shoes

I am not a shoe person. Maybe it’s because I have such large feet.  I don’t know.  I think shoes are cute and all, but I find that I manage just fine to frequently get through a whole week using only one or two pair.  Last time I bought flip flops was seven years ago.  Either they were a really great pair, or I have majorly low standards when it comes to ped-apparel.

As of last week, however, I have three pair of footwear specifically devoted to various forms of art.

It started in high school with these.

My older sister and I got really into figure skating, even purchasing some high-end boots and practicing several times a week at the Eden Prairie Community Center.

I liked to pretend that I knew what I was doing.

Then in college I took a semester of organ lessons, necessitating my purchase of these:

After years of being tucked away in a box, I am finally wearing them again on a somewhat regular basis as I take lessons from our church organist.

Alas, last week, I rounded out the set with pair number 3:

Ballet slippers! Ever since my first visit to the Saint Paul City Ballet, I have been SO antsy to take a class. The summer adult session began last week!  I think my legs are finally no longer sore – just in time for the next class tomorrow night.

Oops.  I stand corrected [in first position, of course].  This started before high school.

I’m not sure that the above class really counts though because the only thing I remember from it is the horrified and confused feeling of not knowing what to do during the building’s fire drill.

The happy family:

Oh, wait.  Nathan is feeling left out. He’s got some opera shoes too.

“Just flip flops” you say?  Nay.

They completed the ensemble for his role in Madame Butterfly. I mean really – what’s a Japanese production without the socks/flip-flops combo? (Sorry I’m totally stereotyping, but, well, you know what I mean.)

So, here is the complete happy feet family.

Yes, I did strategically include the piano pedals in that shot. I never anticipated my feet playing such a variety of roles in my life.

What do your feet do?

Happy Arting – with all of your appendages!


4 thoughts on “I {‘Art} Shoes

  1. Hi Naomi,

    As usual, I enjoyed your blog! I must tell you, you do have a wonderful gift and talent for the written word!

    Thank you for sharing it with the world!

    God Bless you and Nathan and the girls!



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