Making Lemonaide. Mixed medium on paper.

You’ve heard the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonaide.”

In my world today, it’s more like, “When life gives you a really challenging first child, let the second one do whatever she wants.”

To those of you who like to take parallel quotes literally, do yourself a favor and don’t reread what I just wrote.

“A spoonful of butter helps the sugar go down…”

“Uh, Mom.  I think you may need to do laundry again today.”

“Sugar scrub.  Yeah for exfoliation!”

“And just a little more…sugar.”

Measuring cups are so overrated.

“Let’s just lift this up a little bit here and make sure we get it all.”

“Oh did I mention that I’m actually doing an art project here?”

“I use this great new paint called ‘cinnamon sugar’ – it’s kind of like an oil paint…

…except it’s a whole lot more like butter.”

“On second thought, that brush is rather cumbersome.”

The master at work.  {“Hey, Mom, do you mind if I add some touches to that picture you started last week?”}

I admit, it was indeed looking rather bland and needed some more splashes of color throughout.

But my plan would have been to stick with the watercolor medium.

I guess this little artist is more into the whole 3D look. I’ve done salt on my paintings before, when they’re still wet.  Perhaps this sugar thing should be given a little more attention.

I’m not sure about that, but one thing is true – good lemonaide does indeed have sugar in it.

Mmmm. Just right.


One thought on “Making Lemonaide. Mixed medium on paper.

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