Mrs. Bird on Blessings

Yesterday ended rocky and today continued the trend. Crabby, confused, and generally stressed about our future. My old depressive thought processes have been knocking.

After some sulking this morning, I pulled myself up by my …. ankles? … and have been pressing through the day.  Recitals to practice for, lessons to prep for, and a house to cle – nope, that one’s not happening.

As I march on I am going to focus on some really great things in my life:

1. My husband.


Nathan has been so patient with me.  His dreaming never stops.  He is ambitious and talented and has been awesome during so many seasons of uncertain transitions. And, I might add, he is laundry king lately!

2.  A home still standing.


This week’s tragic weather in Oklahoma is heartbreaking. We gripe about the cold and rain here in Minnesota’s reluctant advance toward spring and summer, but really, we should count our blessings.

3. My girlies

Dec. 26th Download 152

Good thing they don’t always look quite that adorable, or we would get NOTHING done around here.  They  help us pace our life realisticly.

Naps. Snacks. Playtime. Cuddles. We all need them.

4. Messes


The studio needs a serious sorting session.  Sheet music, books, old files, contracts, sketches, plans, programs, budgets, more music.  Lots of ideas and dreams and successes captured, realized, and recorded….just not nececarily organized yet. At least it means we are active, pursing possibilities, and trying to make the most of what is before us.

There are times I want to scream, along with Mrs. Bird (a-hem) “This is NOT the best nest! I’m tired of this old place. I hate it. Let’s look for a new place right now.”


But that’s ridiculous. Mr. Bird is right: “I love my house.  I love my nest. In all the world This nest is best.”

Unlike Eastman’s story, this post will not be ending with news of a brand-new bird 🙂

Just a brand-new day.  Another one.  Another moment, with lots of blessings and lots of challenges.

May you see your blessings around you today and rise above the storms that may be brewing within you.

By Naomi Bird

Wife of tenor Nathan Bird, pianist, organist, former music therapist, writer, tea-drinker, mom of two mini-sopranos and two mini-tenors, and learner of loving the arts.


  1. Witty, True, Reminiscent of 1000 gifts, which is such a powerful practice. Can’t wait to visit the nest again. Back in MN today. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Bethany. 1000 gifts defintely played into it. Welcome back to MN! Hope to see you soon! I want to always have some music to work on this summer – so let me know what you want to play together 🙂

  2. Love this. As someone who is attempting to create new responses to the anxiety I can experience (basically, replace old ways if responding with new responses), thinking on things God has blessed me with has been part of that process. Thanks for sharing … Press on!

  3. Wonderful perspective to keep above water. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Six months is not up yet! We are still on target.
    When you get those kind of snuggle times everything seems ok! Blessed.

  4. Encouraging post, Naomi! I love the picture of your two little girls. Sometimes God’s faithfulness – the less obvious kind – is His grace underneath and in our deliberate decisions to be thankful and to trust Him as we move forward in the vision He has given. Thank you for reminding me of that this morning! May the gospel “taste” sweeter to you today than it did yesterday.

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