Kidding. No answers coming this way. Just like there were no questions in yesterday’s post, despite the title.

Today I’m covering the art of making mistakes.

It turns out there is wisdom in the writer’s advice to create a title AFTER writing a piece. My tired and then-discouraged husband had entered the room on the eve of a huge exam and I needed to wrap things up (see – all about wrapping things up this week, like I mentioned yesterday in all the cycle phases goodness). So I’ll use him as an excuse. I was trying to keep this blog a secret from him too, so there’s that. Well, today I found out that (1) he passed the exam! and (2) he actually does read the emails autogenerated by WordPress for the people who subscribed to this blog 10 years ago.

Apparently you do too! Hello there!

I had been mulling over the idea of dumping out a bunch of the questions that I found myself pondering throughout the day. Things like – “What should we do about these squirrels?” and “How was Trayvon Martin’s killer acquitted?” and “What was I like as a twelve year old?” and “Good Lord, how can anyone possibly apologize sufficiently to their parents for having been twelve?” and “What do I see myself doing as a music therapist?” and “Why doesn’t anyone else pick up these towels?!?!” and “Why DO dinosaurs love tacos?” and “Should we do half or full day preschool for Manny this year?” and “Should I pull all the kids out of the three weeks of camp because the idea of them going is stressing me and them out way more than them being around all the time?” and “How many meals of cereal per day is too many?”

But rather than getting into any of those, I launched into introducing the phases of the cycle and my plan to share about mine along the way.

And then I shared the wrong day.

It turns out there is wisdom in the productivity and life planning gurus’ advice about keeping ONE calendar. I don’t think I’ll ever follow that though. Google is imperative for family communication. My new green 50-cents-at-a-thrift-shop Russell and Hazel planner is also imperative because it is a beauty. And my every day notebook/to-do-list/dumping ground is also imperative because it is small and tidy and convenient. Well, those last two are where I take notes about my cycle, and I got off by one day a week and a half ago.

So yesterday was day 23. Today is 24. Again.

I caught this as I was reflecting on last week and planning ahead for this one. As I’m waiting for the phases to – ahem – begin again any time now, I’m really wanting to prioritize things that will help me feel less chaotic in the near future when I’m most likely going to be physically wiped. Apparently our brains are wired to be good with details around this time. Maybe that’s why I focused on the details about how to set up my camera for recording piano lessons instead of tending to the mammoth sized huge disastrous mess in the kitchen. And why I spent most of the morning helping the kids count their money and sort it into coin rolls instead of getting ready for teaching so that I could then get onto cleaning the kitchen. And why I spent the bulk of an entire blog post explaining some teeny mistakes and my multiple planner system.

Well, at least Monday is restaurant night for us. The kitchen will have to wait.

Done for tonight.

If you have any answers for me, please, do share.


By Naomi Bird

Wife of tenor Nathan Bird, pianist, organist, former music therapist, writer, tea-drinker, mom of two mini-sopranos and two mini-tenors, and learner of loving the arts.


  1. I never do this, Well it has happened before. Not being able to sleep and not for any reason. not worried, nothing hurt , so I got up to look at the computer.. And I really didn’t expect to find anything exciting. So it was a pleasure to find your post .As always. Maybe if I think too hard about your questions I will succeed in getting sleepy.

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