Hello.  Welcome to the Arts at the Aviary blog.

The Birds…

I, Naomi Bird, am a pianist, a piano teacher, a mother of two little girls, and a lover of vacuuming.  Nathan Bird is my husband, a professional tenor based in Northeast Minneapolis, and a fabulous cook.

We like to think of ourselves as sojourners on the path of learning to love being imperfectly creativity.

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The Blog…

This site has branched off from a blog we have had going at www.NathanBird.com since the fall of 2011 where we set out to blog about creative endeavors, concertizing, combining family with performing arts, and our weekly Sunday night gathering of artists. We called that gathering “Arts at the Aviary” – hence the name for this blog.  (Aviary = place where birds live.  Ahem.)

The Babbling…

All about the arts – and how YOU, yes you, are a creative individual.

Music. Photography. Drama. Composition. Communication.  Expressiveness.  Honesty. Beauty.

We love to philosophize about how all those things connect and enhance one another.  We try to offer inspiration for you to get in touch with your inner artist.  We are driven by a strong passion for helping people see that they have value and can be creative because it is good to be creative.  Creativity is what makes humans unique, and I’m all about being unique!

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We do this for the following reasons…

  • To spur people to be more wholely healthy by expressing their creativity and trying new things
  • To motivate myself to be more wholely healthy by expressing my creativity and trying new things
  • To offer some humorous insights into a family in the arts
  • To show support to our colleagues and friends who are pursuing creativity


*Disclaimer –

 The ideas set forth is this blog are those of the author(s). Because art is rarely experienced in a vacuum (though I wouldn’t mind that at times) and because it is courteous to support our colleagues, it is often appropriate to name specific artists, performers, institutions, publishers or the like in the posts on this blog. We do not accept any financial compensation for doing so. 

Happy Arting!


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