The Aviary

Aviary = an enclosed structure that houses birds.  AKA = our house.

“Arts @ the Aviary” meetings happen periodically on Sunday evening at our home in Minneapolis.

Why do we meet?

  • Because it’s fun
  • To cultivate artistic expression by providing a safe environment for sharing, creating, and practicing our arts
  • Because we deal with so much judging in the ‘real world’
  • Because we artists need each other
  • To give Naomi material to write about on this blog

What do we do?

  • Talk about the arts
  • Sing music
  • Play new songs
  • Brainstorm about new musicals
  • Play with playdough
  • Listen to recordings and discuss them
  • View photography
  • Eat
  • Hold babies
  • Click on the links below to see posts about previous A@A meetings.

Painting Fools

I Know I Don’t Have Time to Write You Now: A Sonnet


The First of Many Singer-Songwriter Nights

Listen. Create. Share.

I just spent an hour coloring with my husband!



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