About the Aviary

Aviary = an enclosed structure that houses birds.

Our last name is Bird, so our house is an aviary.

“Arts at the Aviary” has evolved over the years to name a few of our favorite things.

When we gathered regularly with artist friends to share and create artsy things, we called it Arts at the Aviary. 

When I used to blog here regularly, I named this place Arts at the Aviary. 

We’ve lived approximately 4.738 lifetimes since those above activities were regular routines in our home. We miss them, and we are searching for sanity. (Maybe that’s what I should have named the blog.)

It’s 2021 as I write this, so things have ben pretty uneventful around here (the world) for about 18 months or so (pandemic anyone? sarcasm anyone?).  Blogging makes roughly zero sense in any sort of practical way.  So, I’m game. 

Not sure what to tell you to expect.  Hopefully it won’t be a sappy open-air diary.  It will not be a look-at-my-perfect-home blog.  It will be about art, and how we define that really broadly.  It will not be about how much we adore being parents of our four fledglings. 

We started off as a family in the arts doing their very best to thrive against all odds.  Along a winding path, we find ourselves oddly shifting in all the ways that used to be our best attempt at finding meaning in this messy life. 

Nathan keeps quoting someone who claims that anything that might not work is art.  

I’m not sure I buy it, but with something akin to that theory in mind.. welcome to lots and lots of might-not-work art at this aviary.

Don’t let the picture fool you. We do not live near there. We are North Minneapolis residents just a few blocks from the Mississippi River.

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