Getting Your Family Involved at the {Guthrie} Theater

I just wrote this for my husband’s site and part way through was thinking that it would have been more fitting for mine… guess it’s a ‘two-birds-for-one’ sort of deal 🙂 Nathan Bird This weekend was full of some really spectacular festivities at Minneapolis’ Guthrie Theater. Nathan had the honor of being one of the… Continue reading Getting Your Family Involved at the {Guthrie} Theater

88 Partridges in a Birthday Tree

Busyness is one of those things that I try to avoid writing about.  And experiencing. My focus has been more on the 88 keys instead of the qwerty keys.  This week I performed a concert with my husband.  Every time we do a concert together it is preceded by intense stressors.  How long is long… Continue reading 88 Partridges in a Birthday Tree

Naomi and Nathan on Nabucco – interview

One evening earlier this week I was lucky enough to sit down* with Minneapolis tenor Nathan Bird and talk a little bit about the Minnesota Opera’s upcoming production of Verdi’s Nabucco. *Actually, he didn’t really sit down at all as he was tending to our children and getting himself some food before heading out the door… Continue reading Naomi and Nathan on Nabucco – interview

Seizing the Moment: A Special Thanks to Jillian

Off to the airport to send Jillian back home to CO. Auba is protesting.

Through circumstances I could not – and would not – have scripted myself, Nathan and I have learned some pretty valuable lessons over the past couple weeks.After our Christmas concerts and prior to last week’s performances, we had decided that a really good idea for future busy performance times would be to line up way more babysitting… Continue reading Seizing the Moment: A Special Thanks to Jillian

Tomorrow. Beauty. Awake.

[originally posted here] Have you ever heard a song that makes your tummy do a little flip just because the music is so lovely? And the pearly tones of the voices meld in a harmony so sweet and warm that you fear for the melting sensation down the back of your spine? Have you ever… Continue reading Tomorrow. Beauty. Awake.