Yield: 1 Wedding Under the Sea with Verdi’s Barbeshop Trio

In anticipation of another fun Arts @ the Aviary  night beginning in just a few hours, let me share last week’s evening with you. INGREDIENTS: 1 soprano 1 tenor 1 accompanist/alto 2 mini-mezzos for comic relief seasoning, to taste 1 book of barbershop quartets or sweet adeline music 1 book of opera duets 1 book of wedding songs… Continue reading Yield: 1 Wedding Under the Sea with Verdi’s Barbeshop Trio

Simple Like Styrofoam

I really enjoy simplicity. The beauty and peace of a simple home settles me. The pace of a simple day refreshes me. A simple, hearty, healthy meal satisfies me. A simple cup of tea warms me. An orderly room inspires me. Settled, refreshed, satisfied, warmed, and inspired. Simplicity is good. Simplicity is beautiful. Beautiful art… Continue reading Simple Like Styrofoam

No. I Can’t Play By Ear.

Yes you can. “Playing by ear” is the phrase that we associate with the task of playing a song on an instrument without reading the music and without having previously learned and memorized the piece.  Some people are particularly gifted with this ability.  They sit down and whip out a beautiful rendition of “Somewhere Over… Continue reading No. I Can’t Play By Ear.