Making Lemonaide. Mixed medium on paper.

You’ve heard the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonaide.” In my world today, it’s more like, “When life gives you a really challenging first child, let the second one do whatever she wants.” To those of you who like to take parallel quotes literally, do yourself a favor and don’t reread what I… Continue reading Making Lemonaide. Mixed medium on paper.

My daughter telling a story

In an attempt to recover from a major bedtime battle and general havoc in our home this evening, it’s time to focus on some of my daughters more hilarious attributes. This video is from a few months ago. I’ve tried to reinact portions of it for friends and family, but absolutely could not do it justice.… Continue reading My daughter telling a story

Yield: 1 Wedding Under the Sea with Verdi’s Barbeshop Trio

In anticipation of another fun Arts @ the Aviary  night beginning in just a few hours, let me share last week’s evening with you. INGREDIENTS: 1 soprano 1 tenor 1 accompanist/alto 2 mini-mezzos for comic relief seasoning, to taste 1 book of barbershop quartets or sweet adeline music 1 book of opera duets 1 book of wedding songs… Continue reading Yield: 1 Wedding Under the Sea with Verdi’s Barbeshop Trio

Hungarian Mouse Ballet

Last Saturday I spent an hour painting.  Today I just spent an hour playing piano. Auba sat on the bench next to me “reading” Nathan’s English-Italian dictionary and sipping the chai roibos tea we were sharing.  I’m pretty sure she had most of it thanks to all the milk and sugar. This morning’s inspiration came… Continue reading Hungarian Mouse Ballet