Frogs and Bears at the Eiffel Tower: Season 4 Premiere of Arts at the Aviary

Double helix

  Seriously? This is the fourth year? Wow.  For those who are unaware, we Birds have tried to regularly open our house for our artsy friends to come visit, chat, share music, vent, support, play improv games, and so forth.  My work responsibilities last year prevented us from gathering very much, and we have missed… Continue reading Frogs and Bears at the Eiffel Tower: Season 4 Premiere of Arts at the Aviary

Getting Your Family Involved at the {Guthrie} Theater

I just wrote this for my husband’s site and part way through was thinking that it would have been more fitting for mine… guess it’s a ‘two-birds-for-one’ sort of deal 🙂 Nathan Bird This weekend was full of some really spectacular festivities at Minneapolis’ Guthrie Theater. Nathan had the honor of being one of the… Continue reading Getting Your Family Involved at the {Guthrie} Theater

Mrs. Bird on Blessings

Yesterday ended rocky and today continued the trend. Crabby, confused, and generally stressed about our future. My old depressive thought processes have been knocking. After some sulking this morning, I pulled myself up by my …. ankles? … and have been pressing through the day.  Recitals to practice for, lessons to prep for, and a house to… Continue reading Mrs. Bird on Blessings


Dessert + Poems

A good night. The return of the long-silent “Arts at the Aviary” Sunday evening gathering. Here are some slices of what went down… Meet John. {insert picture of John with your imagination} John has an audition tomorrow at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater. He wanted feedback on his audition selection – a song from The Light… Continue reading Tonight