Tomorrow. Beauty. Awake.

[originally posted here] Have you ever heard a song that makes your tummy do a little flip just because the music is so lovely? And the pearly tones of the voices meld in a harmony so sweet and warm that you fear for the melting sensation down the back of your spine? Have you ever… Continue reading Tomorrow. Beauty. Awake.

Beauty {Almost} Awake! – A little more about what to expect at the concerts

The clock is ticking down toward our spring concert!  What started as a fund-raising idea for Nathan’s upcoming choir trip to Ukraine has turned into something a little less specific and a lot more fantastic. I wanted to give a reminder of the event details, along with a teaser about what we have planned. Spring… Continue reading Beauty {Almost} Awake! – A little more about what to expect at the concerts

My Husband’s Not on Etsy. Yet.

While I’m on a role with plugging family art products and giving you gift ideas for the fast-approaching Valentine’s Day, here is a suggestion. This CD was recorded by a guy I know, and it is really beautiful music. Massif Trio Plays Shumann, Schubert, and Strauss. German art songs that were originaly written for voice… Continue reading My Husband’s Not on Etsy. Yet.

A Year of New

Officially starting this new blog now. Nathan’s site is going to be more focused on his professional activities, and this site will have a little different flavor. As this new year is beginning, we have many aspirations and many feelings of “newness.” A new career.  No, I haven’t returned to my childhood dream of being… Continue reading A Year of New