Sweet French Song by Georges Moustaki

French singer and songwriter Georges Moustaki passed away today. This song was playing on the radio as I drove home late tonight. I had never heard of him before.  The music is beautiful. One cannot but think of a French cafe.  I’ve never been to a French cafe (unless watching Sabrina counts [I know, it doesn’t]), but… Continue reading Sweet French Song by Georges Moustaki

Mrs. Bird on Blessings

Yesterday ended rocky and today continued the trend. Crabby, confused, and generally stressed about our future. My old depressive thought processes have been knocking. After some sulking this morning, I pulled myself up by my …. ankles? … and have been pressing through the day.  Recitals to practice for, lessons to prep for, and a house to… Continue reading Mrs. Bird on Blessings

88 Partridges in a Birthday Tree

Busyness is one of those things that I try to avoid writing about.  And experiencing. My focus has been more on the 88 keys instead of the qwerty keys.  This week I performed a concert with my husband.  Every time we do a concert together it is preceded by intense stressors.  How long is long… Continue reading 88 Partridges in a Birthday Tree

Daily Practices Toward Peace and Creative Improvisation

I’m a fan of vocalist and improvisor Bobby McFerrin. The year after I graduated from my community choir, the group attended a choral festival for which Bobby McFerrin was one of the clinicians: 0ne more reason to consider flunking senior year. But alas, I did not, and have never seen the man in person. I’m not even sure how I… Continue reading Daily Practices Toward Peace and Creative Improvisation

You Say “Tomato,” I say “Canning Time!”

Today I accomplished something I’ve dreamt of doing for a very long time – canning!  In my own home, all by my self (more specifically, without Mom’s help). Perhaps canning doesn’t typically fall within the realm of ‘arts’ that I try to stear this blog around, but I really think that there is something incredibly… Continue reading You Say “Tomato,” I say “Canning Time!”