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My daughter telling a story

In an attempt to recover from a major bedtime battle and general havoc in our home this evening, it’s time to focus on some of my daughters more hilarious attributes. This video is from a few months ago. I’ve tried to reinact portions of it for friends and family, but absolutely could not do it justice. … Continue reading

Seizing the Moment:  A Special Thanks to Jillian

Seizing the Moment: A Special Thanks to Jillian

Through circumstances I could not – and would not – have scripted myself, Nathan and I have learned some pretty valuable lessons over the past couple weeks.After our Christmas concerts and prior to last week’s performances, we had decided that a really good idea for future busy performance times would be to line up way more babysitting … Continue reading

A Journey of a Poem

I took a little journey this weekend.  A journey of poetry.  Over the past couple months I have been working my way through my high school literature text book. Along with snippets of great American literature, there are back stories, biographies, and some writing exercises. Every once in a while I actually get a pen and paper and do the … Continue reading