Sweet French Song by Georges Moustaki

French singer and songwriter Georges Moustaki passed away today. This song was playing on the radio as I drove home late tonight. I had never heard of him before.  The music is beautiful. One cannot but think of a French cafe.  I’ve never been to a French cafe (unless watching Sabrina counts [I know, it doesn’t]), but… Continue reading Sweet French Song by Georges Moustaki


Dessert + Poems

A good night. The return of the long-silent “Arts at the Aviary” Sunday evening gathering. Here are some slices of what went down… Meet John. {insert picture of John with your imagination} John has an audition tomorrow at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater. He wanted feedback on his audition selection – a song from The Light… Continue reading Tonight

Bird and Byrd on the Value of Voice Lessons

The other day I found a perfect excerpt to share with you.  In my beloved Weiss & Taruskin textbook from college lie some words as true today as they were when written 425 years ago. William Byrd, who I like to believe is one of my husband’s ancestors, was a 16th century English church composer and… Continue reading Bird and Byrd on the Value of Voice Lessons