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Post No. 10 of 10 almost daily posts in the “July ’21” series. Cycle day 6. Transitioning from Menstrual phase (ideal activities: rest, evaluation, and research) to Follicular phase (ideal activities: starting things, brainstorming, planning). This is kind of a wild week. “Kind of” as in – Valley Fair tomorrow, all day family memorial day… Continue reading Survival.


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Post 9 of 10 daily posts in the “July ’21” series.Cycle Day 4. I guess I’m really really into the idea of getting rid of stuff… When our group of friends went through The Artist’s Way book this spring, a high percentage of my daily morning pages revolved around trying to figure out how to… Continue reading Things.

Puzzles and Prayers.

Post 8 of 10 daily posts in the “July ’21” series. Cycle day 3. A little perusal through my notes and journals shows that within a few days of a couple of my last few Day Threes, I’ve written a poem-esque vent of frustrations about Nathan. Love you hon’. I guess we got lucky this… Continue reading Puzzles and Prayers.


Post 7 of 10 daily posts in the “July ’21” series.Cycle day 2 – this phase is all about rest and reflection. My thoughts are going a little deeper today… My mind has been wandering often lately toward things about war. Wars impact lives in ways that I cannot even imagine. Most likely you cannot… Continue reading War.


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“Is something wrong with you?” he asked. His head was cocked to the side and he had a crooked, sort of sly, grin across his lips. “No.” I tried to ignore him. He leaned in, way to close for me to comfortably keep reading my book. Head on my chest, he waited a moment, turned… Continue reading Prognosis.