Here goes again.

Day 1 of 10 in the “July ’21” series. Blogging makes pretty much zero sense right now, as there are more than 372 and half things that would be much more reasonable. But I cannnnooooot turn off the twang inside of me that misses this space and this routine and the practice of hitting publish.… Continue reading Here goes again.

A Poem Real Quick

I want to write a poem real quick. Perhaps I’ll write a limerick. The problem is, I don’t recall Quite what a limerick is at all. I could get up and seek it out, But that’s not what this is about. I aim to do it fast and slick, So what comes out is what… Continue reading A Poem Real Quick

Daily Practices Toward Peace and Creative Improvisation

I’m a fan of vocalist and improvisor Bobby McFerrin. The year after I graduated from my community choir, the group attended a choral festival for which Bobby McFerrin was one of the clinicians: 0ne more reason to consider flunking senior year. But alas, I did not, and have never seen the man in person. I’m not even sure how I… Continue reading Daily Practices Toward Peace and Creative Improvisation


Here’s Nathan’s snippet about our concert around the corner. Nathan Bird We are at it again.  We’re performing another concert.  Allow me to introduce you to our spring concert: Beauty Awake: A Spring Stirring of Music by Nathan and Naomi Bird Cross of Glory Baptist Church, Tuesday May 22nd, 7:00pm With themes of spring, new… Continue reading Untitled