Brahms Hoedownian Dance No.5

Having been sick as a dog this week, we had to cancel our regularly scheduled Arts@theAviary program, but fortunately the last meeting we had, on January 29, gave me much to discuss. In addition to the poems I’ve already shared, we had a special musical trio delight us with a unique arrangement of a popular classical… Continue reading Brahms Hoedownian Dance No.5

Check Out My Cards, My Art, and My Bro

A  little over a week left. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to find a gift for the mister in your life when chocolate and roses and ribbons just aren’t his thing. Tools may not be fitting for this delicate day either. Clothes aren’t really all that special.  Well, I suppose you could do superman underwear or… Continue reading Check Out My Cards, My Art, and My Bro

Oranges and Apples. And a Limerick

Let me share some more poetry fun with you. The last poem I shared was of a rather serious nature, as was my last post.  I say it’s time for some delightfully amusing little ditties. Last Sunday was a splendid evening of Arts @ the Aviary. We had 9 adults and three kids here.  Well,… Continue reading Oranges and Apples. And a Limerick