Now that I am a full-fledged drama buff, I offered my support for an Arts@theAviary night of improvisation games. According to an article on by Robert Vaux, improvisational acting “involves a free-form approach to a given scene or character…Improv is usually comedic, but not always.”  Usually indeed. The ehow article offers some tips for improv acting.… Continue reading Improvorama

Quanopin Will Not Be Coming for Dinner

That’s right.  Even if I could send an invite to him and his wife, back in time about 335 years and translated into the Wampanoag language, I’m pretty sure that the man and “the proud gossip” would have no interest in the type of food we eat. The first order in explaining myself here is to share… Continue reading Quanopin Will Not Be Coming for Dinner

Exactly How Fast IS a Fox in Socks?

I told you last time that I don’t exactly identify with actors. With that said, they do certainly provide a fair amount of amusement. To cap off our Arts @ the Aviary meeting last Sunday, Nathan Bird and Elisabeth Smith participated in a competition of epic proportions.  Have you ever read Dr. Seuss’s book Fox in Socks?  *Thank you Nathan’s brother… Continue reading Exactly How Fast IS a Fox in Socks?

Art on a Limb

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Part of our purpose for hosting Arts at the Aviary meetings is to enhance awareness and experience amongst the other arts – the disciplines that are not our particular “first language” or primary area of study or work.   As of yesterday, I have taken it upon myself to demonstrate this practice. Acting.  It is not… Continue reading Art on a Limb