Exactly How Fast IS a Fox in Socks?

I told you last time that I don’t exactly identify with actors. With that said, they do certainly provide a fair amount of amusement. To cap off our Arts @ the Aviary meeting last Sunday, Nathan Bird and Elisabeth Smith participated in a competition of epic proportions.  Have you ever read Dr. Seuss’s book Fox in Socks?  *Thank you Nathan’s brother… Continue reading Exactly How Fast IS a Fox in Socks?

Art on a Limb

image vie dmfiat.com

Part of our purpose for hosting Arts at the Aviary meetings is to enhance awareness and experience amongst the other arts – the disciplines that are not our particular “first language” or primary area of study or work.   As of yesterday, I have taken it upon myself to demonstrate this practice. Acting.  It is not… Continue reading Art on a Limb

A Year of New

Officially starting this new blog now. Nathan’s site is going to be more focused on his professional activities, and this site will have a little different flavor. As this new year is beginning, we have many aspirations and many feelings of “newness.” A new career.  No, I haven’t returned to my childhood dream of being… Continue reading A Year of New