I {‘Art} Shoes

I am not a shoe person. Maybe it’s because I have such large feet.  I don’t know.  I think shoes are cute and all, but I find that I manage just fine to frequently get through a whole week using only one or two pair.  Last time I bought flip flops was seven years ago.  Either… Continue reading I {‘Art} Shoes

I don’t like the sound of my hands.

It’s common knowledge that our voices sound different to others than they do to us. Have you ever recorded yourself, then listened and though, “No way! That’s me? Yuck.” Or perhaps you liked your voice.  Either way, surely you noticed that it was different than the sounds bouncing around inside your own head for you… Continue reading I don’t like the sound of my hands.

Hungarian Mouse Ballet

Last Saturday I spent an hour painting.  Today I just spent an hour playing piano. Auba sat on the bench next to me “reading” Nathan’s English-Italian dictionary and sipping the chai roibos tea we were sharing.  I’m pretty sure she had most of it thanks to all the milk and sugar. This morning’s inspiration came… Continue reading Hungarian Mouse Ballet