Love, Your Kitchen

Many of you already know this about me. I am a Conquistador of Chaos.* For the most part, I honestly enjoy all facets of housework. I also love baking and cooking pretty much everything from scratch.  I also don’t have a dishwasher. Problem is, I really really really love to have a clean and bright… Continue reading Love, Your Kitchen


This has been quite a week for me, on a personal level.  It’s like I’ve been facing the culmination of months – and years – of pondering, deliberating, questioning, and even scoffing. I’m going to keep the details annoyingly vague.  Suffice it to say that I am experiencing a little more hope and beauty lately… Continue reading Organizing

Simple Like Styrofoam

I really enjoy simplicity. The beauty and peace of a simple home settles me. The pace of a simple day refreshes me. A simple, hearty, healthy meal satisfies me. A simple cup of tea warms me. An orderly room inspires me. Settled, refreshed, satisfied, warmed, and inspired. Simplicity is good. Simplicity is beautiful. Beautiful art… Continue reading Simple Like Styrofoam