A brief dramatic update: What I did this Sunday

Time for a little review of my drama entanglements. This past Sunday was the culmination of years of planning and weeks of writing and days of rehearsing for a program in honor of the 50th anniversary of the church that we attend.  I was only moderately involved in the planning, not at all involved in… Continue reading A brief dramatic update: What I did this Sunday

Seen Change

Me and Elisabeth doing our scene for company during Arts at the Aviary. photo: Phil Bird

I know you all are just dying to know how my aforementioned (like a couple months ago) drama adventure panned out, and when my next show is… HA! My post about improvisational acting mentioned, albeit somewhat facitiously, my becoming a theater buff.  Alas, I have not explained what happened. My non-Thespian background My past acting experiences have… Continue reading Seen Change


Now that I am a full-fledged drama buff, I offered my support for an Arts@theAviary night of improvisation games. According to an article on ehow.com by Robert Vaux, improvisational acting “involves a free-form approach to a given scene or character…Improv is usually comedic, but not always.”  Usually indeed. The ehow article offers some tips for improv acting.… Continue reading Improvorama

Art on a Limb

image vie dmfiat.com

Part of our purpose for hosting Arts at the Aviary meetings is to enhance awareness and experience amongst the other arts – the disciplines that are not our particular “first language” or primary area of study or work.   As of yesterday, I have taken it upon myself to demonstrate this practice. Acting.  It is not… Continue reading Art on a Limb