Daily Practices Toward Peace and Creative Improvisation

I’m a fan of vocalist and improvisor Bobby McFerrin. The year after I graduated from my community choir, the group attended a choral festival for which Bobby McFerrin was one of the clinicians: 0ne more reason to consider flunking senior year. But alas, I did not, and have never seen the man in person. I’m not even sure how I… Continue reading Daily Practices Toward Peace and Creative Improvisation

Seen Change

Me and Elisabeth doing our scene for company during Arts at the Aviary. photo: Phil Bird

I know you all are just dying to know how my aforementioned (like a couple months ago) drama adventure panned out, and when my next show is… HA! My post about improvisational acting mentioned, albeit somewhat facitiously, my becoming a theater buff.  Alas, I have not explained what happened. My non-Thespian background My past acting experiences have… Continue reading Seen Change