I don’t like the sound of my hands.

It’s common knowledge that our voices sound different to others than they do to us. Have you ever recorded yourself, then listened and though, “No way! That’s me? Yuck.” Or perhaps you liked your voice.  Either way, surely you noticed that it was different than the sounds bouncing around inside your own head for you… Continue reading I don’t like the sound of my hands.


This has been quite a week for me, on a personal level.  It’s like I’ve been facing the culmination of months – and years – of pondering, deliberating, questioning, and even scoffing. I’m going to keep the details annoyingly vague.  Suffice it to say that I am experiencing a little more hope and beauty lately… Continue reading Organizing

Notes for Music Learners: Little by Little

For as long as I can remember, I have loved learning.  Not just the process of acquiring knowledge and skills, but the theories behind how we learn things. There are a lot of ideas about learning that probably aren’t in fact very helpful:  cramming, “memorizing,” drilling, repeating. In the realm of learning piano, I’ve been… Continue reading Notes for Music Learners: Little by Little