Brahms Hoedownian Dance No.5

Having been sick as a dog this week, we had to cancel our regularly scheduled Arts@theAviary¬†program, but fortunately the last meeting we had, on January 29, gave me much to discuss. In addition to the poems I’ve already shared, we had a special musical trio delight us with a unique arrangement of a popular classical… Continue reading Brahms Hoedownian Dance No.5

Oranges and Apples. And a Limerick

Let me share some more poetry fun with you. The last poem I shared was of a rather serious nature, as was my last post.¬† I say it’s time for some delightfully amusing little ditties. Last Sunday was a splendid evening of Arts @ the Aviary. We had 9 adults and three kids here.¬† Well,… Continue reading Oranges and Apples. And a Limerick