I know I don’t have time to write you now. A Sonnet.

In belated honor of Presidents’ Day, we collaborated with our friends last night to write a sonnet as though it were written by George Washington to his wife Martha in the year 1775. The idea came from some great lesson plan resources I found at the Mount Vernon website. Here is the basic idea for… Continue reading I know I don’t have time to write you now. A Sonnet.

Oranges and Apples. And a Limerick

Let me share some more poetry fun with you. The last poem I shared was of a rather serious nature, as was my last post.  I say it’s time for some delightfully amusing little ditties. Last Sunday was a splendid evening of Arts @ the Aviary. We had 9 adults and three kids here.  Well,… Continue reading Oranges and Apples. And a Limerick

A Journey of a Poem

I took a little journey this weekend.  A journey of poetry.  Over the past couple months I have been working my way through my high school literature text book. Along with snippets of great American literature, there are back stories, biographies, and some writing exercises. Every once in a while I actually get a pen and paper and do the… Continue reading A Journey of a Poem