Dessert + Poems

A good night. The return of the long-silent “Arts at the Aviary” Sunday evening gathering. Here are some slices of what went down… Meet John. {insert picture of John with your imagination} John has an audition tomorrow at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater. He wanted feedback on his audition selection – a song from The Light… Continue reading Tonight

Tomorrow. Beauty. Awake.

[originally posted here] Have you ever heard a song that makes your tummy do a little flip just because the music is so lovely? And the pearly tones of the voices meld in a harmony so sweet and warm that you fear for the melting sensation down the back of your spine? Have you ever… Continue reading Tomorrow. Beauty. Awake.

Beauty {Almost} Awake! – A little more about what to expect at the concerts

The clock is ticking down toward our spring concert!  What started as a fund-raising idea for Nathan’s upcoming choir trip to Ukraine has turned into something a little less specific and a lot more fantastic. I wanted to give a reminder of the event details, along with a teaser about what we have planned. Spring… Continue reading Beauty {Almost} Awake! – A little more about what to expect at the concerts

Oranges and Apples. And a Limerick

Let me share some more poetry fun with you. The last poem I shared was of a rather serious nature, as was my last post.  I say it’s time for some delightfully amusing little ditties. Last Sunday was a splendid evening of Arts @ the Aviary. We had 9 adults and three kids here.  Well,… Continue reading Oranges and Apples. And a Limerick